Cleveland TN Piano Tuning Now Available!

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Hello Cleveland, TN!

I am now offering my piano tuning and repair services to clients in your area! My name is Daniel Achten and the name of my business is Achten Piano Service. I live in East Brainerd and Cleveland is just a hop and a skip away. My rates are $95.00 (+ tax) for a fine tuning and $135 (+ tax) for a pitch correction. They are also posted on my home page.

My services include: Tuning, repair, reconditioning, rebuilding, evaluating their condition and more. I work with the Steinway and Yamaha Dealers in the area and serve many different clients including some of the schools in the area such as GPS and many of the churches. One of my favorite rebuilds was the action for a 1920’s Steinway M which had fire and water damage. I had to tear it all the way down to the metal action frame and wooden key frame and then rebuild with all new parts. You can view a few pictures of this one on my photos page. My customer and all those who have played it love the way it responds. I love taking old pianos and doing light reconditioning to bring back some of the beautiful sounds they once had.

I have been in business since 2002, certified by the American School of Piano Tuning and continue to keep a relationship with the Piano Technicians Guild (a wonderful association of piano technicians committed to continuing their education and sharing their knowledge). I studied music at Christopher Newport U in Newport News, VA with a concentration in Jazz and Classical Guitar performance and piano was my minor. I also built guitars for two years with Isle of Wight Instrument Co. in VA. You can read my BIO for a fuller history of my education and business.

Feel free to call if you have any questions: 423-760-2458

Looking forward to hearing from you Dalton!

Daniel Achten