Concert Tuner for Lee University!

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Lee University made it official that I would be their Concert Tuner!

Here’s the short back story of how it happened. I had been doing alot of work for Bill Jones Music the past year, the local Yamaha Dealer, when the Yamaha Rep contacted me. He said Lee University was bringing a Yamaha CFX Concert Grand in for their summer piano festival, a week long series of masterclasses and piano competitions and they needed a concert tuner. He put me in contact with Cahill Smith one of their major piano teachers.

Cahill was excited to hear from me. He didn’t know I was in Chattanooga. He said Lee had not been happy with the concert level work in this area. They had been using someone from Atlanta for the past few years. A friend of mine from the Piano Technicians Guild I am a part of. He is a fine tuner. But with that they had to cover extra expenses for him which is understandable and he was not available for emergency tunings or repairs.

Cahill politely asked if we could do an interview tuning, which I was happy to do. As we sat at the piano I asked what their greatest need was and he said they need very stable tunings. I went through the piano twice, which is my normal protocol for something like this and pounded away settling the pins and strings until the were locked in. He loved the tuning and set the appointment for the Yamaha to be tuned when it arrived for the festival.

I got to see the CFX all that week and was quite happy that hardly anything ever went out (and if so, not very far). In fact on the last day the Yamaha rep came in to help with a special event. He too was happy with how clean the tuning was considering the use it got the day before.

Long story short Lee U called me into the office and offered the position of concert tuner to me, which I gladly accepted. I am looking forward to future opportunities with Lee U.