Astor Piano, c. 1790.

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Astor piano, c.1790. My phone rang just like any of the many calls I get everyday. Expecting to hear the voice of a customer asking for prices on piano tuning I was met with the warm timber of an older … Continued

Taking the RPT exam

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The RPT exam is the most grueling test a technician can take in the piano world. Back in the 1970’s a group of technicians within the Piano Technicians Guild initiated an exam to raise the bar and create a good … Continued

Piano Key Leveling

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Piano Key Leveling is important and is the foundation to a good regulation. Do your keys look like this? If the piano keys are not level than there is no way to get consistency from key to key when playing … Continued

Going to Steinway Day!

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I am looking forward to an all day event with Kent Webb the Technical Service and Support Manager for Steinway. This class will include the latest on their * Action Rebuilding * Product Changes and Other News from Steinway & … Continued

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