All tracks here have been recorded using pianos with actions custom-built or prepared by Achten Piano (Daniel Achten, RPT). All tuning, voicing, and regulation done by Daniel Achten, RPT. For now, there are only these three tracks from Hale White on his Steinway B. I am working on getting good quality recordings of other pianos I have rebuilt or prepared so you can have a listen.

When Hale purchased this second hand the hammers had been filed beyond use and over hardened with lacquer. He wanted to get the clarity of a C7 and the color of a Steinway. We discussed options and He gave Renner a call. For hammers we went with Renner Blue Points and the resulting sound nailed it for him! I repined all hammer centers, did a full regulation and voicing, balanced the keys using a combination of the Stanwood SNAP method and a proprietary method I developed.

So grab a nice set of headphones and enjoy 🙂

Steinway B with Renner Blue Point Hammers. Action was rebuilt and prepared by Daniel Achten. Owner and Player is Hale White, a Nashville session player. Title: Improve #1. Listen around minuet 1:05 through 1:20 to hear the beautiful tonal contrast from forte to pianissimo.
Hale White Steinway B. Title: All My Lovin
Hale White Steinway B. Title: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hale White is a very versatile player with considerable experience in the studio. If you would like him to lay down some tracks for you please email him at [email protected]