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Sounds better than new!

I have always tried to keep my piano in top condition but after Daniel spent a day and a half completely rejuvenating the entire internal workings of the entire keyboard my piano sounds better than new. It is an unbelievable experience that I will now be able to enjoy for the foreseeable future, which will probably be until I can no longer play the piano. Be prepared to be IMPRESSED!!

Don J.
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Action Recondition

Over time pianos wear out and they can become too bright and harsh, lose their fluid and smooth feel, become hard to listen to and are no longer fun to play. Many older pianos (10-50 years old) benefit from an Action Recondition instead of full rebuilding. A 1-3 day Action Recondition is significantly cheaper than full rebuilding and rebuilding is often unnecessary.


  • 1-3 Days
  • Tuning
  • Full Friction Reduction
  • Hammer Reshaping and Voicing
  • Action Regulation
  • Pedal Regulation and Lubrication
  • Damper System Regulation
  • Possibly Repining hammer centers
  • Minor Repairs
  • And More!