In 1999 I found myself working at the local music store while in school studying Jazz and Classical Guitar. I had already spent a few years learning to build and repair guitars when my boss pulled me aside to asked if I wanted to learn to tune pianos. He offered to pay for my initial schooling. I had never thought of it but how could I refuse such an offer. With that began a 15 year adventure that brought my two favorite worlds together: music and building.

Ever since I was little, music and working with wood have been a large part of my life. I can still hear my mother singing along with her guitar. I first tried my hand at guitar when I was twelve; G, C, and F were the first chord shapes I tried to twist my fingers into. I can also remember watching and helping my dad work on all those fixer upper houses we lived in throughout the years. I used to play with his tools and fashion all sorts of things out of wood. Like the time I made a mini model guitar.

Since Music School I have not only tuned pianos but I ran my own remodeling business; building decks, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, finishing in basements etc.

Now many years later I find myself to be the Concert Tuner for Lee University. I am a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) in the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). I service pianos for the local Yamaha dealer and a full service Technician, meaning I can take care of everything you might need done to your piano.

So if you want someone who is trustworthy, personable and highly skilled to service your piano with as much love as you would, call me. It will be great to meet you and your piano.