Other Services

Humidity Control

When moisture increases the soundboard bows up creating more tension on the strings and in return raises the pitch of the instrument. When humidity drops the soundboard relaxes and the pitch drops. Most of the time our extremely stable tunings will float in tune with the rise and fall of seasonal humidity changes. Too often technicians use the Damp Chaser System to make up for poor tuning stability. However, there are times of extreme conditions where the Damp Chaser is absolutely needed. Very wet or super dry extremes. And often smaller churches that turn their heat and AC off during the week.

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Education Events

A hands on presentation. Feel and hear for yourself the difference between good and bad piano touch and tone.

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Piano Care Products

We offer a full line of piano car products we can bring to your next appointment.

Finish Repair

From light touch-ups to complete polyester repair we got you covered.