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All the voicings in my head just “happen” now

Daniel was so incredible to work with. As well as doing a great job tuning my instrument the past two years, this year he did significant work on my Model M Steinway’s action. The tone of the instrument has always been lovely and dark, but the action has always been quite heavy. Daniel took the time to explain the options and possible changes, based on different services he could offer and we landed on friction reduction in hopes of lightening the touch-weight resistance. Ultimately, he reduced the touched weight from 54 grams (higher than standard) to 46 grams! It feels like I got a new instrument, truly! The tone is slightly brighter, but only in a way that makes voicing easier – not in a way that changed the overall voice of the instrument. The bass range of the instrument still has its rich, darkness and now the treble range of the keyboard really sparkles. I can feel myself need to physically work less hard to get the sound I want out of my instrument; due to Daniel’s excellent work. All the voicings in my head just “happen” now and I can feel a significant increase in the amount of ease I feel while playing. I recommend this technician whole-heartedly!
Bethany C.
Steinway ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google

Action Balancing

Balancing the Action is a crucial aspect in ensuring the optimal functioning and performance of a piano. The technical name is Touch Weight. Despite precise regulation, a piano action often exhibits peculiar attributes, ranging from heavy and sluggish to feeling unusually light and uncontrollable.

It is not uncommon for these characteristics to be present straight from the manufacturer. On the other hand, if the piano has been rebuilt, it is possible that the rebuilder did not complete the balancing process adequately or at all. In either case, the action can be rebalanced to restore its delightful and responsive feel.

At our piano workshop, we possess extensive expertise in the art of action balancing. We employ the acclaimed Stanwood SNAP protocols, combined with a few proprietary methods, to achieve remarkable results. Our team possesses the skill and knowledge to not only bring your piano’s action back to its original balance but also customize it based on your personal preferences. We can transform your piano’s playing experience into something truly exceptional.

Don’t let an imbalanced action hinder your piano journey. Allow us to fine-tune and rebalance your piano’s action, unlocking its true potential and ensuring that your playing is a pure joy. Experience the difference that our meticulous action balancing service can make.


  • Lead addition or removal to key stick
  • Geometric Redesign
  • Possible Custom Weight Level to Customer Specs