Not all tunings are created equal. A resonant and stable tuning takes a great deal of practice, skill and knowledge. There is a resonance in every piano that an electronic tuning device and the average Piano Tuner cannot find. Your piano has a singing voice-Let’s find it!

Not all tunings are stable either. This is a skill which is elusive, and the tuning can fall apart quickly, sometimes within a few weeks, or even hours! I have developed an extremely stable tuning which will keep your piano singing longer than the average tuning. 

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Tuning and Seasonal Service

It takes wisdom and skill to assess, plan and execute the necessary work to bring a piano up to its greatest musical potential. It takes more than just a tuning. It takes more than just the turn of a few screws or pouring some hardener over a set of hammers. Over time pianos slowly deteriorate and maybe once in its life gets a full day service to breath some life back into it. Once a series of tunings, regulations and voicing has brought out the wonderous voice within your piano its relatively easy to keep it there. One to two tunings a year including minor maintenance such as regulation and voicing. 

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Action Recondition

As pianos age, they can become too bright, harsh, and difficult to play. Instead of completely rebuilding them, many older pianos (between 10-50 years old) can benefit from a more affordable option called an Action Recondition. This process, which takes about 1-3 days, can make a significant difference in the piano’s sound and playability. It’s a cost-effective alternative to full rebuilding.

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Action Balancing

Balancing the Action is a crucial aspect to ensuring the optimal functioning and performance of a piano. Despite precise regulation, a piano action often exhibits peculiar attributes, ranging from heavy & sluggish to feeling unusually light & uncontrollable.

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Custom Rebuilding

We offer full and partial rebuild options.

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Other Services

  • Humidity Control
  • Education Events
  • Cleaning
  • Piano Care Products
  • Finish Repair

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