A freshly tuned piano is a joy to play. And a piano that goes out of tune quickly takes that joy away. There are a few things that cause pianos to go out of tune. Humidity/Temperature changes, an unstable tuning and a broken instrument are the top three reasons. Here we are going to talk about the effects of humidity and temperature. All pianos will eventually go out of tune even with a humidity control system but combine an extremely stable tuning and a Piano Life Saver and you can enjoy a well tuned instrument for longer periods of time.

The PIANO LIFE SAVER is a piano humidity control system.

As a fundamental component of complete piano care, it protects your piano from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels. The Piano Life Saver System will enable your instrument to maintain proper pitch between tunings and protect the myriad of tiny wooden parts that make up a piano. A stable piano will be more enjoyable to play and listen to while rewarding your fingers with a consistent, proper touch.

Both the Grand and Vertical Piano systems are discrete. Here are diagrams showing how the systems fit snuggly out of sight.