Piano Technicians Guild 57th Convention

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I am writing this post to share my experience at the Piano Technicians Guild’s 57th Annual Convention and Technical Institute. My hope is both to encourage piano technicians to consider attending the convention next year and build confidence in my clients that I am continuing to receive the best training in the world! 


The Piano Technicians Guild’s mission statement is to “Promote the industry’s highest possible standards.” During the week long convention there are over 100 classes with the most qualified technicians from around the world. My favorite was an all-day action regulating class led by Rick Balbassin, who received the “Golden Hammer” award this year. No matter what one’s own skill level there is always something to be learned. A gentleman I met, who had been to 28 previous conventions, said he learns something new every single year. This year alone he said he learned 9 new things he was going to add to his technique.

It was also just really fun to talk about pianos with others who get the lingo. Over 500 technicians attended this year. I made a few new contacts and friends willing to share throughout the year whether over the phone or at local meetings.

In summation, I would recommend the PTG Annual Convention and Technical Institute to any technician that wants to advance in his skills, connect with professionals and build confidence in their customer. I personally plan on going every year!

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