Registered Piano Technician! (RPT)

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I’m an RPT!

So after years of study and practice, ups and downs, hurdles and boosts I am finally a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Piano Technicians Guild! This whole process has been a wonderful learning experience. The exam tolerances are so narrow on these exams it makes them the hardest in the world to pass.

There are three exams: Written, Technical, and Tuning.

The Written exam tested my knowledge about pianos in general. It focused on the head knowledge I should have when servicing a piano.






In the Technical exam I had to assemble and regulate a Vertical Action Model (above left), Grand Action Model (above right). I also had to do a handful of repairs. Every section of the test had time limits and quality standards.






To pass the Tuning exam I had to tune the piano by ear which had to match the master tuning. I am in the photo above but not during the exam. I included this so you could get a visual of what it was like for me to sit there at the piano with nothing but my tuning fork and a tuning hammer.

My Experience:

My emotions ranged all over. There were times I was confident and other times I was about to cry from fear that I was failing. On the Technical I thought for sure I had failed the Vertical Action Model but I walked away having aced it. And during the Tuning exam I cringed as they beat the strings with the “thumper”, a device designed to try and knock the stings out of tune. Nothing moved!

The RPT logo:

So watch for the standard Logo. It is the seal of the field’s most proven technicians! It represents over 100 years of the Guild’s collective knowledge.

Thank You!

Finally I want to thank all of you who have been there along the way: customers who let me tune and repair their pianos and mentors who were always there when I had a questions.

For More Information.

If you are interested in the Piano Technicians Guild or if want to read more about what it takes to become a Registered Piano Technician go to