Piano Highlights From 2018!

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2018 was a great year for Achten Piano! Below are a few photos with explanations of how they were a highlight. RPT In March I passed some intense testing on Tuning, Repair and Regulation and achieved the “Registered Piano Technician” … Continued

Registered Piano Technician! (RPT)

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I’m an RPT! So after years of study and practice, ups and downs, hurdles and boosts I am finally a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Piano Technicians Guild!┬áThis whole process has been a wonderful learning experience. The exam tolerances … Continued

Cadek and GPS Pianos!

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Cadek Music Conservatory has been around for decades but found themselves without a home this year. GPS picked them up and made a very nice place for them. They remodeled a small building, which was their old business office, into … Continued

Piano Knuckles Repair

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Piano knuckles: These are round buck skin circles which are glued to the underside of the hammer and rest on top of the repetition lever and jack. I was called upon by a customer to try and find out why … Continued

Broken Piano Parts

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Broken piano parts are hard to see from the owners point of view: The action is hidden behind the music shelf and lid. All the owner knows is that their key is not working or the sound wont stop ringing. … Continued

Astor Piano, c. 1790.

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Astor piano, c.1790. My phone rang just like any of the many calls I get everyday. Expecting to hear the voice of a customer asking for prices on piano tuning I was met with the warm timber of an older … Continued